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  • Wireless powered LED Spotlights for display cabinets, bookshelves, or kitchen cabinets.

    Install the spotlights in less than 3 minutes without any tools and hide away ugly cables completely.
    No drilling in your furniture for cable holes needed!

    Content: 2x LED-Spotlights, 2x power plates, 1x connection box and wall adaptor and adhesive putty.
    The power plate is complete with a connection plug and an optional extra 2 meter extension cable.
    The 110-240VAC wall adaptor includes US, UK, EU and AU adaptors.

    Super easy installation:
    No tools No drilling
    A) The power plate is put on top of the cabinet.
    B) The spotlight is placed inside the cabinet with adhesive putty under the power plate.
    C) Connect the power plate(s) to the box and connect the box to the AC wall adaptor.

    1W Long life LED-spotlight warm white 2700k 100LM - corresponding to a 15W bulb lamp

    Working distance power plate - spotlight:
    10-50mm (0.5-2") full function through all non metallic
    materials: Wood, stone, glass, plastic ...

    Want to buy WFL or need more information? Send us an @-mail at wfl@mechsat.com (german or english)