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  • Do It Yourself LED light to convert a wired table lamp to wireless.

    Suitable on a table, sideboard or TV bench. Get a fantastic look with the ugly lamp cable gone!

    Content: 2 x LED-Tablelight, 2 x candle bags, 2 x power plates, 1 x connection box and wall adaptor and adhesive putty.
    The power plate is complete with a connection plug and an optional extra 2 meter extension cable.
    The 110-240V AC wall adaptor includes US, UK, EU and AU adaptors.

    Super easy installation:
    No tools No drilling
    A) The power plate is put under a table using the adhesive putty.
    B) The wireless LED-light is placed on the table above the power plate.
    C) Any suitable lamp housing from a wired lamp is placed over the wireless LED-light.
    D) Connect the power plate to the box and connect the box to the AC wall adaptor.

    1W Long life 360 LED-lamp warm white 2700k
    60-100LM - corresponding to a 15W bulb lamp

    Working distance power plate - LED-light:
    10-50mm (0.5-2") full function through all non metallic
    materials: Wood, stone, glass, plastic ...

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